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I am the Creator of their Impression

July 2021


My work is about a person such as myself surrounded by a crowd of faces, these faces are people's opinions, desires, and wills. I refer to them as the impression I have of who they are and how that affects me.

What we see and hear isn’t always the reality. What is reality but the association we come up with the senses we are born with?


I am trying to convince myself that their opinion of myself and the world is not as important as my own. That what I think of them, and what they think important should not always become my reality. People can be more malleable than our image of them.


My process was to show that by creating these impressions I surround myself more and more with no end in sight. With these faces that talk and talk, their never-ending chatter.

Even though I tell myself not to listen I still will create more faces to add to the boundless sea of them.


I cannot help myself making these faces and will not stop, I show you my endless restlessness. For there are countless possibilities in the people that surround me.


Faces are the surrealist view I have of others, and how I can grow dependant on them, on their opinions their affection. However, I find that even though they are a big part of myself I must remind myself that they are not me, I am me. I must have a voice as well and speak on equal ground. I will not be swallowed by the chatter, the noise.


They are subtle, almost blending into the background of the space. I made them this way thinking that the faces I am presenting are not always so clear and sharp. They do not all stand out and most are just people in a crowd, passing by.

Some are flexible others hard, there are the old and new. The old linger like a bad wound or remind me of what I have. The new is still soft and wet, still has a possibility to change but once it dries, it can either crumble or last forever.


I always thought that faces have the largest impact on my perception of them, their expression, and their intentions. The eyes have always haunted me and made the understanding of another busy. So, I remove them, make them blind to each other, if they cannot see then they cannot see me. A face is what makes someone human no matter what it looks like. Their features are the first thing I see and the last thing I remember is their impression. It is all connected.


I am the subject of my work.

My voice, my inner thoughts, I am monologuing.

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