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The Chatter in my head

Chatter they go to no end in sight.
Speaking, shouting over each other.
My brain connects everything with light.
From the smallest to the largest tether.

Chaos and order forever competing,
For control of one’s mind
Some approve the balancing
But not all see the mess behind.

So, shut up dear voices in my head
You are not welcome today or tomorrow
I have had enough of you in bed
So quite now and sink down below

But no matter how much I shout!
They only grow louder and stronger,
And the more I push away, I fill doubt,
For they come back even louder.

I try to drown the chatter away,
Even the noise of others around me,
But it comes back in the fray,
Once the silence returns carefree.

I wait and I wait until it is lower enough,
For me to think and makes a decision,
I will silence myself; it is not a bluff.
It is the only way to end this collision.

I lower myself down into the cold,
I hover above my soon to be silence,
Nothing matters even the untold.
Now nothing will hold dominance.

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