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A little Story

Little one

Little one, I hear your silent screams to me,
You hate but worship my very existence.
I remember your tears and glee,
Why do you hurt and create distance?

I wish to be with you my little one,
Hold you, with all that you are to me.
Many wishes and desires are done,
By my name or by those that are to be.

Will you push me away forever?
You cannot, your strength is tied.
Do not be afraid, I am your endeavor,
Do not give up on me, as you have fled.

I give you meaning and resolution,
I answer to your many questions.
Ask them all little one I am your solution,
But it is always obvious suggestions.

Please little one, I miss you dearly
I am your passion, your greatness
You cannot give me up so sincerely
I am as precious as your liveliness.

I love you my little one even in our laments.
To be given up pains our heart and souls,
Hold me even in your darkest moments
And the relief and serenity are our goals.

I love you little one.

Monster under my Bed

Monster, under my bed?
Are you there?
Will you stay with me?
My family hates me
My friends have all left
I cannot hear you
Please respond
You are all I know
Monster from below
I am lonely I need you
You may not understand
But I do and you will too
I hurt all over
Sing me a song
I feel hungry
Tell me a story so I forget
Show yourself
Will you do that for me?
If you do not come
I will crawl under to you
Will you let me?
Please talk to me
I am lonely
If you can’t talk
Then scare me
I won’t run
I promise
Be the scariest you can be
But I cannot scream
For otherwise the bad man will hear
He comes to me you see
In the night
He is the real monster
Monster, under my bed?
Will you come out now?
I don’t want to be alone anymore
You are my only friend
I hear footsteps at my door
Please come now
Scare the bad man away
I don’t want him to come anymore
I’m scared
I hear a loud noise!
What is that?
My door is opening!
Why is there a light?
There is a woman in my room
She is telling me to come with her
Who is she?
Can you come with me, monster?
I do not understand
Why is it so loud?
The woman is looking so sad
Did I do something wrong?
I feel weak, so tired
I cannot see anything anymore
It’s all dark
Are you their monster?
Can I come to you now?


The cold

I shiver till my soul runs empty,
My spine is a bitter hater.
It has slowly stiffened my body
And I leave everything till later.

Lips turning purple than blue,
Teeth knocking each-other out.
The last breath whispering true
Fingers turning black and I shout.

My heartbeat slows down
And my eyes close under a heavy burden.
My mingled thoughts start to drown,
Darkness comes to the silent chosen.

The Dead

You live and breathe amongst the people.
Right foot, left foot straight in front,
Walking to face your many decisions.
Making all these choices is your calling.

A day like any other comes along,
With no warning or judgment,
You fall and meet your death.
Blackness takes hold and will keep.

Tomorrow will never come,
To you or me for the end is near,
crawling slowly or quickly to all.
No escape the reality staring at you.

Please do not scream or cry,
It changes nothing of what is to be.
Truth or lie matters not, to death,
It is always there with them both.

Negotiations have no power here,
So please accept the unfinished.
It is akin to ending a sentence half-way,
Or leaving without even a small goodbye

Acceptance and forgiveness are a must,
But even without you are snuffed out,
Like a midnight candle before the moon.
Go in hate or in peace death is here.


The birds fly,
What else dove?
Time runs by,
Go with love!

Flutter on my cheek,
Rain of feathers.
Nothing is so bleak,
Demons are all actors.

Deep from heaven,
On a wordless face.
Free from shame,
Floating in space.



Once my body was left behind
I held no shackles to the known
And was released from the bind
No longer any flesh and bone

All that I hold are my memories
The past was my greatest gift
What I had were my adversaries
And the future is forever at drift

I float above all that I held dear
I try to reach for them but fail
An ethereal body when I appear
Never to touch you so I wail

My screams echo until you shiver
Wondering why you feel so cold
I am here calling for you I am a giver
Please hear me I will do what I’m told.

I am no one with all that is around me
I cannot escape that I have met death
What I was is no longer, I am free to be
I leave now, I have released my final breath.

Breath of Trees

Dear trees, look there how you have grown,
Your branches resemble the veins in my arms.
They reach the sky with the strength of bone,
Taking shape with charisma and deadly harms.

Your limbs show firm direction, creating patterns,
The system of my body is laid in front of me.
Reaching the sky as if surrendering to the pains,
The spark of life flows through you are to be.

They eloquently whisper their many names,
Through colorful leaves and new-born buds.
Many around the world have fallen in flames,
But all will sprout once more after the floods.

The sky is darkened by their clouding presence,
They cover it with what you know to be true,
But only is it complete with their existence,
The above is forgiving with its shades of blue.

The arms of these trees are homes to those that live,
High above the dangerous land of dirt and rocks.
They nest their future on trees who freely give,
It is a lifetime of peace between them, with no talks.

I bring you my final words on these rooted beasts
They bring cool shade and safe shelter to some
But to others, they bring faith like that of priests
Praying for the promised future to quietly hum.

We need all the trees for they are our mass,
Branches our veins and trunks our bones,
They hold the flesh of all the dead before us,
And keep the ground firm, as the hardest stones.

Hold on tight to your precious expectations,
They need us to love them dearly as they do.
We are their source and they are our foundations,
We no longer need such passion to subdue.

Dear trees, I thank you and I love you.
You are the air that calms me in a storm,
And the questions that come until dew,
I will help you to live and no conform.

Symbiotic relationship

When I first met you, I felt only fear,
Of the unknown, of what could be.
But once you were with me, my dear,
I had not one doubt about you and me.

You came close when I was alone
You were like a storm on a quiet night
Loud and silent, all on your own
I felt I was facing a great blight

I soon learned you were a precious gift.
That I will cherish for the rest of my life,
No sooner or later you came from your rift,
Bringing a great revelation to my strife.

I am forever grateful for what is, you and I
What we are together is one of a kind
You are not only my friend but also my ally
I feel I can leave all that I was behind.

No regrets to put aside my singularity,
For the present unity, of two into one.
We are one and we are no longer lonely,
Bringing comfort to ourselves, it is done.

We will never turn back to what we were,
This reality is the one we were searching for.
We have found our solution to our cure,
To the endless questions, we both bore.

Goodbye my singular self, I loved you,
But I have found what was best for us both
Goodbye and farewell, we are through
I am free, and to us both, I will honor my oath.


One cell split, removing loneliness,
What was once one, is now two.
Part of a whole part of you.
Pushing forth the endless progress.

I will evolve when we all do,
There is not one without the other.
We have only one true mother,
And she asks only if we grew.

I am growing in great numbers,
It is my path to my one true goal
But I know as much as a new-born foal
We are many waking from slumbers.

One by one we make a whole,
Turning the tide towards a form,
We are anything that is born,
And we are what you call your soul.

I have traveled this plain of existence,
With my many cells, forever multiplying.
And now I have a deep understanding
Of what I am and to be in my persistence.

I am to live not for myself but for all,
This understanding brings peace of mind.
To accept one’s fate has you give in kind,
No resistance, no fight only final fall.

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