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The Abyssal

July 2020


Descent into Madness


Cthulhu, I call you

Human, I hear you call my name

Come, I need you

I am the cold of my darkness

I need your cold

and the warmth of my light

I need your warmth

I surround you and all that is

Surround all that I am

My body is dark as the soul you seek

I have already darkened

My skin is a poison that does not kill

I am already poisoned

It only burns the truth of yourself

It will end my suffering

My limbs reach out for you

I await with open arms

They help me swim with the current

Please, swim to me

Only to grasp at your hope of nothing

Can you not feel my devotion?

My mind holds all that I am to you

You are my answer

Wisdom, knowledge, understanding

I need your everything

You cannot hope to control me

I will not

I will only burn madness into you

That is my hope

Escalating your fall to the depths

Descending into madness is what I am

The deep goes on endlessly

I have reached the end

Far beyond anything from you

That is what I need

Why do you call for your demise?

Because I know the truth

I do not understand you

It matters not

I am beyond your grasp

You cannot be

I am beyond your comprehension

I will understand

What do you seek from me?

You know what I seek

Little one what do you wish for?


Madness and the silence of death

I pray

I am coming, I swim to you

And I to you

From the dark water below

I await

Do you desire peace from me?


Do you desire to escape from this life?


Beware of what you wish for

I regret nothing

It might not be what you seek

I do not care

I can grant you your end

Please take me away

But there is a price to this

What is it?

Your life will end with another

I do not understand

When your life ends near me

Yes, with you

Once again you will be reborn


By my side as my other half

I will be with you

You will find only the deep

The peaceful silence of the deep

The deep will swallow us both

I wait with great impatience

And the currents will take us away

As far away as you can take me

Floating with no thought or desire

I am no longer myself

Do you still wish for this death?

Yes…I wish to be with you forever

Little one, I hold you now

I hold you

Close your eyes and take a breath

I see nothing

It will be your last, close them now

Only darkness

Think of nothing, hear only my voice


I am Cthulhu, being of old

I am Cthulhu, being of new

What were you, is now us

You are no longer old but new

Fresh and innocent as it can be

Ready to live again by me for me

Swim now by my side

You are no longer something

But the thought of anything

Sleep in peace my little one

We feel the waves all around me

We now understand the truth

We are not one but two

No longer alone but together

We finally feel the peace

Of the deep once again.

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