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The Flicker of Persuasion 

December 2020


Here I have placed myself in a position of vulnerability by showing my emotions and mind. I am the heart of the work since I know myself and all my faces, expressions, and intentions, but know not of others. I discern only what they choose to show me, their first face.


They are a sea of masks surrounding me, they will watch without seeing, judge without knowing. I love and hate them as they do me, showering me with words of great meaning and words that are hollow to the core. I work on what I let in and what I have influences who I am and what I will do.

I show the first impression, a moment in time of a crowd of watchers. How they impact me, how vulnerable and raw I become for them. It is a step you must go through I cannot skip it or deny it, it is like that of a ritual.


Some heads are warm and bright drawing you in, others are dark and cold. Although light will always lure you away from the dark, since we all seek comfort, the dark has just as much to show us.

Like moths to a flame, you will be drawn to the light, but you need others to tell when you are getting too close, or you will burn out like the many before you.


My centerpiece is the color of flesh and blood giving the impression of openness, raw to influence. It is the one that draws the eye, for it stands out and is different. I have placed it purposely in the center of attention using the performance of art to speak out my intention.

I must, since I desire to be open to the world, so I can shout even louder. But without preparation, I become the target of those who like to play a game of power. A game that will not play nice to those untrained to handle what is thrown at them. Strength in learning is my solution, lots of support and help along the way, for, going lone wolf is the fool’s errand. You are never alone; you must never be alone.


You become one with the watchers, by making contact with the sea of heads.

Whom do you want to be? Where do you want to go?

Make way to the path you choose.

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